3DXTECH Obsidian [Markforgerd ONYX Alternative] Carbon Fiber Nylon PA6+CF Black

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Obsidian™ PA6+Carbon Fiber [Markforged ONYX Alternative]


Obsidian™ PA6+CF is an excellent drop-in replacement for Markforged Onyx™ and is compatible for use in all Markforged printers.  Obsidian™ delivers excellent performance, appearance, and a significant cost savings.


Key Features:

  • Drop-in for Onyx™ without any changes required to print settings
  • >30% savings vs. Markforged Onyx™
  • Excellent strength and stiffness
  • Resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons (oil/gas/lubricants)
  • Superior dimensional stability (low warp/shrink/CTE)
  • Compatible with Markforged FX20, X7, X5, X3, Mark Two, Onyx Pro, and Onyx One printers


Obsidian™ PA6+CF filament was formulated to be a lower-cost drop-in Markforged Onyx Alternative suitable for all Markforged printers. We developed this material after extensive analysis and testing on our own in-house Markforged printer and many outside beta testers. The result is a seamless printing experience that produces parts with an outstanding appearance and excellent mechanical properties. Made using premium high-modulus carbon fiber and PA6 copolymer, Obsidian™ is an excellent alternative to Onyx™ that allows our customers to save money when using your Markforged printer.


Don’t have a Markforged printer? That’s no problem – Obsidian™ is also compatible with all non-Markforged printers that are suitable for printing PA6+CF.  Take advantage of the excellent strength, stiffness, and appearance of this specialty material without over spending on Markforged Onyx™.


Markforged Print Recommendations:


  • Obsidian™ was formulated to be a drop-in for Onyx™ without any changes to the print settings.


Recommended Print Settings for Non-Markforged Printers:


  • Extruder: 265-285°C
  • Bed Temp: 90-110°C
  • Nozzle: We currently recommend a hardened steel nozzle
  • Heated Chamber: Recommended
  • Supports water solubles
  • Drying Instructions: 90°C for 4 hours if the filament exhibits signs of moisture

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Filament


What Is It?

Fibers 5-10 micrometers wide made of carbon. The fibers are aligned following the axis of the material.

This, along with their physical makeup, are what give this material its excellent properties.



What Does It Do?

Carbon Fibers demonstrate a lot of desirable material properties:

  • High stiffness
  • High tensile strength
  • High heat tolerance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low weight
  • Low thermal expansion

How Does It Work?

Reinforcing plastic with carbon fibers produces a 3D printing filament which exhibits the best properties of both the carbon fibers and the plastic of choice.


What Is It Good For?

Ideal for any applications which require light weight and rigidity.

Carbon fiber reinforced parts, designed to use less material and save weight, is extremely popular in aerospace, civil engineering, the military, and motorsports.


Abrasive Material

This material is particularly abrasive among 3D printing filaments. Users may find standard brass nozzles are chewed through very quickly compared to standard wear and tear. When worn through, the nozzle diameter will widen inconsistently and the printer will experience extrusion issues.


Because of this, it's strongly recommended this material be printed through a hardened steel nozzle rather than a softer metal. Hardened steel nozzles can often be inexpensive and easily installed depending on your printer manufacturer's instructions.

More Information
Title 3DXTECH Obsidian [Markforgerd ONYX Alternative] Carbon Fiber Nylon PA6+CF Black
Manufacturer 3DXTECH
Base Material Carbon Fiber Nylon
Difficulty Advanced
Nozzle Temperature 265ºC - 285°C
Heated Bed Required? Yes
Print Bed Temperature 90°C - 110°C
Bed Adhesion EasyFix Nr. I, Glass Plate, Kapton tape, PET tape, Buildtak
Enclosure Required? No
Nozzle Size ≥ 0.4mm
Print Speed Medium
Fan Speed Off
Retraction ± 6mm
Spool Weight 1Kg
Drying 4 hours at 90°C
Minimum Nozzle Temp 265℃
Dimensional Accuracy < +/- 0.05mm
Other Recommendations Abrasiveness: Due to the relatively high concentration of extremely hard carbon fibers, which have an abrasive nature, a hardened steel nozzle is recommended.
Settings Note: The settings above are meant as a guide to find your optimal print settings. They should work well for most printers, but every printer is different. Please feel free to experiment outside these ranges if you think it is suitable for your printer.
MPN NYL13011000BK0
Diameter 1.75mm
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