BSC Supply in Waltham, Massachusetts is 3D Printlife's Premier US Sales & Customer Service Representative

“BSC Supply is excited to partner with 3D Printlife and the unique eco-friendly products they have brought into the 3d filament space.” said Brian McShane, President of BSC.  "We look forward to providing the entire 3d printing community the same level service and expertise that we have delivered to our customers for over 30 years.”

I’m really glad you reached out to us and recommended PLAyPHAb, we’re absolutely thrilled with the quality. Thanks for all the time and attention you give us. I greatly value the personal rapport you offer, and I’m extremely satisfied as a customer.
— Joel Cilli, PA Cyber

With over 30 years of experience in the consumables and imaging technology industries, BSC enables 3D Printlife to provide expert individualized account based service to each and every one of our customers.  Whether we're servicing businesses, universities, libraries, maker spaces, or consumers, this partnership ensures that our customers will receive exceptional personalized service and support.  Through BSC customers are even able order on terms versus paying solely by credit card.

To reach your 3D Printlife rep please contact:

Daniel Baar (800) 227-5829 x3054, or email:

3D Printlife (800) 227-5829 x3025, or email:

For general inquiries please email us at: or visit our Contact Us page.