FormFutura partners with 3D Printlife to deliver premium quality 3D filaments from one of Europe’s top manufacturers, now shipping same day in the USA.. Read More



3D Printlife is proud to introduce Filamentive’s innovative line of sustainable 3d print materials to the US market. Filamentive’s commitment to sustainability and quality in 3d printing is exemplary and we have… Read More

Algix has chosen 3D Printlife to be the sole manufacturer of their unique and sustainable filaments.  We are thrilled to integrate their line of high performance, sustainable materials to our portfolio as we work together to improve sustainability in 3d printing… Read More





3D Printlife has partnered with Insight Surgery to improve patient outcomes in the United States with the power of their FDA & ISO 13485 approved Surgical Guides and Models… Read More



3D Printlife has partnered with Filament Innovations to deliver high-speed FDM solutions to the Prosthetics and Orthotics Industry. The ICARUS's robust design, Typhoon High-Flow extrusion system, and massive 18.1 x 15 x 37.4 inch build volume has quickly established itself as the professional choice for check socket fabrication, with below the knee sockets only taking 45 - 90 minutes to print.… Read More



3D Printlife has partnered with Protosthetics to deliver cutting edge 3D Printing technologies to the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry Elevate your operation from zero 3D Print experience to cutting edge with Protosthetics end-to-end managed 3D Priniting solution designed for O&P.. Read More

3D Printlife partners with 3DQue to distribute their revolutionary technology to the US. 3DQue enables true autmation to scale along with automated failure detection and teaching tools... Read More




3D Printlife offers New Collar Network Digital Badges, creating pathways to engaging, well-paying careers… Read More



Copper3D has partnered with 3D Printlife to help distribute their unique line of materials featuring Cuprionix®, a Patented Copper Oxide Nanomposite…Read More




Keene Village Plastics and 3D Printlife Create First Complete Line of Eco-friendly ABS, PETG & Performance rPET 3D Filaments... Read More



XYZprinting has partnered with 3D Printlife to feature 3D Printlife’s flagship filament, Enviro ABS, for the da Vinci 1.0 Pro... Read More



3D Printlife partners with Fab Lab Hub to fund nonprofits through discounted distribution of its eco-friendly filaments to the Fab Lab Network... Read More