Intro to Digital Design

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Intro to Digital Design


Self-Paced Virtual Downloadable Online Course with Forum Access on the New Collar Network


Looking for a new skill that you can learn at your own pace and that is needed across industries? While new technologies like 3D Printing, AI, laser machining, and wearable circuits are popping up everywhere, Digital Design is key to working with these tools.  You must first master basic design concepts before jumping into this new Future of Work!

This Digital Badge certifies your ability to work in 3D Design and is the pre-requisite for our 3D Printing, Laser cutting, CNC machining and other classes.


Check out the description below to see how you can learn a new, engaging, fun skill that leads to many new careers.

No experience required, and ideal for high school and college students as well as Lifelong Learners of any age who are looking to change careers or start a digital business.  





  • Learn the basics of Computer Aided Design [CAD] modeling with free on-line software. For anyone who is new to CAD software, this course or its equivalent certification [Fusion360, Solidworks, OnShape, etc.] is a prerequisite to take the Design for 3D Printing Digital Badge. The self-paced course will accustom students to thinking visually in 3D; accurately moving, positioning, and dimensioning 3D geometry; and composing simple 3D shapes to create more complex forms.
  • Your designs will be 3D Printed and photographed for the iterative design process in your own self-practice.
  • You will also have special New Collar Network Forum access to brainstorm and get answers to common questions and troubleshooting.


NOTE: For anyone who is new to CAD software, this course or its equivalent is a prerequisite to take the Design for FDM 3D Printing Digital Badge.



Verification of achievement of the following skills


Demonstrate basic proficiency in Digital Design, including:


  • Creation of basic shapes.
  • Positioning, rotating, and scaling of shapes.
  • Duplication and grouping operations.
  • Use of rulers and work planes.
  • Demonstrate an ability to build complex designs from simple shapes that you will 3D Print yourself and that will be reviewed for final class credit.
  • Final design must demonstrate skills learned to earn the badge and the process must be documented in Badge Earner’s portfolio.





  • Design


Badge Earning Criteria


Completion of hands-on project that demonstrates proficient skills.

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