Airwolf3D EVO 3D Printer + 4 Spools of 3D Printlife Filament

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Airwolf3D EVO EVO Additive Manufacturing Center 3D Printer + 4 Spools of 3D Printlife Filament

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Easily manufacture large functional prototypes and production parts at top speeds with the world’s most advanced desktop Additive Manufacturing Center.


  • 12 x 12 x 11 Inch Build Volume
  • Max Nozzle Temperature 315ºC
  • Max Bed Temperature: 140°C
  • Heated Enclosure up to 80ºC
  • Prints over 40 materials


4 Free spools include:


  • Pro PLA: Impact Modified PLA
  • PLAyPHAb: High Strength PLA/PHA
  • Enviro: Eco-Friendly ABS
  • BioPETG: Eco-Friendly PETG


The EVOlution of desktop manufacturing has arrived. EVO, Airwolf 3D’s fifth generation machine, features cutting-edge technology and advanced user-centered design that sets it apart from past machines and elevates it to a new class of industrial equipment: the desktop Additive Manufacturing Center, or “AMC.”


Loaded with industry-first features and designed to provide a seamless user experience, the EVO AMC empowers professionals to manufacture large, functional prototypes and production parts at faster speeds and higher resolution than any other desktop system on the planet.


4 free spools include 3D Printlife's Pro PLA, PLAyPHAb High Strength PLA/PHA, Enviro Eco-Friendly ABS, and BioPETG Eco-Friendly PETG.



Manufacture full-size, end-use parts within the EVO’s huge build volume in over 40 different materials. Optimized for production, the 12 x 12 x 11-inch enclosed build volume is configured for producing large, strong parts.



Enjoy Airwolf 3D’s proprietary auto-leveling technology along with AutoPrime, and Sweep. Ultra-durable Extended-Life nozzles save time and money while providing higher precision, speed and efficiency.



EVO features an oversized air purifying system for active containment of UFP and VOC emissions, providing an extra layer of protection and peace of mind when manufacturing in schools or smaller spaces.



Avoid part failure due to power outage, an accidentally unplugged machine, or other unexpected interruptions. As soon as power is restored, PartSave™ empowers you to resume production right where it left off.

For the first time in history, you can start, stop, and resume the 3D manufacturing process at any time, thanks to EVO’s industry-first PartSave™ technology. Gone are the days of losing prints due to machine failure, power failure, or accidental shutdown.

Whether you need to pause part production for one minute or one hundred years, PartSave™ ensures the 3D manufacturing process will be ready to continue as soon as you are.


Whether you run out of filament or experience a jam, FailSafe™ has you covered. Just place the print head where you left off, and FailSafe™ will do the rest, restoring your print and completing the job with time to spare.



Manufacture the highest quality parts possible on a desktop additive manufacturing system, thanks to the EVO’s proprietary Tri-Heat™ technology. Two internal heaters and a high-temperature bed maintain precise temperature control and heated airflow for optimum manufacturing of stronger, smoother, higher-quality engineering-grade parts from materials including ABS, nylon, and polycarbonate.

The Integrated Filament Drying System further facilitates optimal printing conditions, drying up to 10 pounds of material at a time for immediate extrusion or long-term storage.



Both the brain and heart of the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center, Airwolf 3D’s proprietary GENESIS Microcontroller drives the leaps and bounds that EVO has made in desktop additive manufacturing technology.

Fully proprietary and engineered from the ground up to support high-performance industrial manufacturing, the GENESIS board is an automotive-grade 32-bit redundant embedded controller that delivers 2-3 times higher speeds, more precision, and greater control at ultra-high temperatures than any other desktop 3D manufacturing system on the market.



Control EVO with a single touch. A spacious 7″ full-color touch display makes it easy to control everything from PartSave™, material selection, internal ambient temperature, and expert settings to an on-screen keyboard for writing and executing g-Code on the fly.



The CoreXY Motion System receives a leading-edge update thanks to CNC-style linear precision guides. Up until now, the successful integration of a heavy-duty linear-guide-based motion control system was available only in high-end systems at over five times the price of the EVO. One of the most future-proof design elements of the EVO AMC, the linear-guide-based CoreXY Motion System provides unparalleled manufacturing precision with zero maintenance.



EVO’s advanced feature set empowers users to build larger, higher quality parts at faster speeds. Located within inches of the extrusion tip, multiplied-force feeders maximize speed and precision of layer deposition while dual high-flow extrusion heads resist jams and clogs. To fully support the manufacturing of oversized parts, the fully enclosed chamber is outfitted with Tri-Heat™ technology and an Integrated Filament Drying System to ensure superior heat and material management.



Manufacture large parts quickly with the EVO’s industry-leading 0.4lb/hour maximum material deposition rate. A cartridge-style planetary extruder assembly achieves increased torque capacity for faster extrusion speeds while an unbreakable three-bolt-reinforced hot end precisely distributes over 40 materials ranging from PLA and ABS to exotic materials including carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon and PC as well as HydroFill, Airwolf 3D’s proprietary water-soluble support.

Performance is further optimized by extended-life replaceable nozzles that help minimize part distortion.



The EVO’s bulletproof z stage comprises a proprietary coupling linking a ball screw with a stepper motor and is powerful enough to support up to 50 pounds and provides precision of nearly one thousandth of an inch over its 11-inch build height, providing incredible accuracy.

Approximately the size of a human hair, the precision movement is barely discernible by the human eye.



The strongest machine on the market, the EVO has a 100% aluminum unitized frame constructed in a rigid monocoque to maximize structural integrity while minimizing bulk and weight. The unitized build platform supports up to 50 pounds and also employs one-piece construction to save weight and space in order to maximize strength while minimizing part distortion.

With an oversized 1000-watt power supply, the EVO has power in reserves, easily adapting to ultra-demanding applications in even the harshest environments. An automatic circuit breaker provides a safer, more reliable, and more serviceable system than conventional fuse replacement.

Though rugged and unbreakable, the EVO is light enough to transport easily and can be stacked up to four units high for multiplied part production.


Manufacture in over 40 materials ranging from PLA and ABS to exotic materials like metal, carbon fiber-reinforced nylon, polycarbonate, and HydroFill Water-Soluble Support. Produce larger, more complex parts than ever before, thanks to the carefully controlled thermal environment offered by EVO’s Tri-Heat™ Enclosed Build Chamber and Integrated Filament Drying System.



  • (1) Extra 0.50 Extended-Life Nozzle

  • (1) Double-Sided Flex-Resistant Glass

  • (1) 2oz Bottle of Wolfbite Premium Adhesive Solution

  • (1) 2-Pound Spool of ABS Filament (2.85mm)

  • (1) USB Drive

  • (1) Nozzle-Cleaning Tool

  • (1) Subscription to APEX Pro 2018

  • One-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Six-Month Unlimited Technical Support


3D Printlife is committed to improving sustainability in 3D printing, our 3D filaments are compatible with your 3D Printer or 3D Pen, and we stock both 1.75mm & 2.85mm.  Featuring materials from FormFutura, Filamentive, Copper3D, FibreTuff, & Keene Village Plastics, our 3D filaments are biodegradable, eco-friendly, tough materials and feature cardboard spooling to help offset your carbon footprint, and are modified and optimized for 3d printing including PLA, PLAyPHAb PLA/PHA, PVA, Enviro ABS, Bio PETG, ALGA algae based PLA, Nylon like DURA, ABS like OMNI, semi flexible YOGA TPU replacement, RePLAy 100% recycled PLA filament, Carbon Fibre, ASA, Polypropylene, PEEK, Carbon Fiber PEEK, PEKK, PEI Ultem, and PPSU. Use your 3D Scanner or your imagination to help create your 3D printed parts. Our sustainable 3D filaments are compatible with FDM 3D Printers including Dremel, Raise3D, Flashforge, Creality, XYZPrinting, QIDI, Syndaver, Robo3D, Prusa, Snapmaker, Monoprice, Lulzbot, MakerBot, and Ultimaker.

More Information
Title Airwolf3D EVO 3D Printer + 4 Spools of 3D Printlife Filament
Manufacturer Airwolf3D
Build Volume (Inches) 12 × 12 × 11
Maximum Nozzle Temp 315ºC
Max Build Plate Temp 160ºC
Extruders Dual
Enclosure Heated / Regulated
Bed Leveling Automatic
Build Plate Material Borosilicate Glass
Touch Screen
Heated Bed
Power Loss Recovery
Filament Run-Out Sensor
HEPA Filter
Supported Materials Metal, Over 40, incl. ABS, PC, PP, Nylons, TPE, TPU
Connectivity Ethernet, USB Cable, USB Drive
Max Print Speed 150mm/s
Layer Height 40 microns 200+ recommended
Software APEX
Physical Dimensions 28 × 24.5 × 24
Filament Diameter 2.85mm
Free Spools 4
Weight lbs 60
US Based Support 6 month unlimited Support
Warranty 1 Year
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