Dremel 3D45 EDU Bundle

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Dremel 3D45 EDU Bundle


With Free Shipping!

Includes 4 FREE Spools of our Premium 3D Filaments!

Free spools include 3D Printlife's Pro PLA, PLAyPHAb High Strength PLA/PHA, Enviro Eco-Friendly ABS, and BioPETG Eco-Friendly PETG, all made here in the USA at our medical grade extrusion facility.

Dremel 3D45 EDU 3D Printer and Education Accessories (Lesson Plans, Professional Development Course, build plate, glue, filament)

High performance multi-material 3D printer made by professionals for professionals.

Key Features

  • Start using the 3D45 right out of the box with 30 lesson plans included and ready to implement in your classroom

  • Teach students to solve open-ended problems by creating their own models and prototypes in Nylon, ECO ABS, PETG, PLA and more at up to 50 micron resolution.

  • Introduce your students to the world of digital fabrication allowing them to visualize lessons and realize their own potential to create.

  • Receive 4 hours of professional development credits after completing 3D printing course designed especially for teachers.

  • Precise Output: 50-micron resolution & temperature-controlled chamber

  • Filament Auto-Recognition: Automatically changes temperature settings

  • HD Camera: Remotely manage 3D45s & capture time-lapse videos

  • Perfect for Makerspaces: Easily network & stack 4 units to 6 ft tall

  • Carbon Filters: Protect yourself against harmful VOCs

The Dremel 3D45 does accept 3rd party filaments! 

Visit https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2793168 to download and print the spool adapter.  This spool adapter can bolt to a Dremel 3D40 or 3D45 printer. It allows you to store two standard Dremel spools or use larger non-standard spools.

The Printer that Works for You

Designed for the Classroom

With the everyday teacher in mind, Dremel's 3D45 EDU is fully enclosed and has optimized motion controls to minimize noise so you can teach while the printer is running. Installation is a breeze with time to first print taking only 15 minutes.

Worry-Free Classroom Experience

Teachers have enough to worry about, so we made sure to include everything they need to easily implement 3D printing in the classroom or makerspace. In addition to our 3D45 EDU 3D Printer, Dremel offers:

  • 30 Basic & Advanced Standard Aligned Lesson Plans

  • 4-Hour Professional Development Training

  • UL Safety Certification

    • UL Standard: US-29813-M1-UL 

  • World Class Customer Support

  • Free cloud based slicing software

  • Nylon, eco-ABS, PETG and PLA filament spools

Unlock New Applications

Generate prints for a vast range of applications with a wide range of supported filaments that can create flexible, durable prints.

Extreme Reliability

Our redesigned all-metal, hot end extruder has gone through 1000's of hours of testing to ensure even better clog resistance.

Effortless Networking

Get your printer on the internet with powerful Proxy and Static IP configuration options that your IT administrator will appreciate.

Customize and Optimize

Optimize your prints for your specific needs by easily tweaking print settings directly from the printer.

We're with You All the Way

Painless Setup

Take the guesswork out of levelling the print bed with built-in self-levelling system. From unboxing to starting your first print is just 15 minutes.

Hassle-Free Material Management

Don't worry about managing filament settings before each print. Our built-in filament recognition sensor detects the filament you've loaded and automatically adjusts the print settings to get the best prints for the material.

Remote Print Monitoring

Remotely monitor your prints to see how they're progressing and create and share time-lapse videos of your final product.

Best 3D Service on the Planet

Free lifetime customer support available from our All-American team based out of Racine, Wisconsin. We work hard to answer your questions quickly with any means possible and are backed by a team of expert engineers to help you through any situation.

Get More for Your Money

Only the Most Important Features you Need

This reliable printer is packed with features and made affordable so you can get more printers for a greater number of prints per user.

Flexible Software

Included desktop and cloud-based slicing software for any platform you choose; including: PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and more.

Remote Printer Sharing

Allow others to easily use the printer by sharing access using the Dremel Print Cloud software.

Best 3D Service on the Planet, Really.

Available 10 hours a day, 5 days a week by phone, email and live chat. Unlike other companies, we never charge you for reaching out to us for help or to ask a question.

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  • Printing Technology

  • Fused Deposition Modeling

  • Extruder

  • All-Metal Hot End

  • Direct Drive 

  • Single Extruder

  • Build Volume

  • 10 x 6 x 6.7in

  • 402 cubic inches

  • Z-Layer Resolution

  • 50-300 microns

  • Materials

  • Nylon

  • Eco-ABS

  • PLA

  • Filament Diameter

  • 1.75mm (0.069 in)

  • Nozzle Diameter

  • 0.4mm (0.014 in)

  • Print File Type

  • .G3DREM

  • .gcode

  • Internal Storage

  • 8GB

  • Operating Interface

  • 5” full color IPS touch screen

  • Build Platform Leveling

  • Semi-automated Leveling


  • Software Bundle

  • Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer - Based on Cura (Desktop); Included

  • Dremel Print Cloud - Based on 3DPrinterOS (Web-Based); Included

  • Simplify3D Software- Compatible; Sold Separately


  • STL

  • OBJ


  • Extruder Maximum Temperature

  • 280°C

  • Build Platform Maximum Temperature

  • 100°C

  • Operating Temperature

  • 16-29°C


  • Input Rating

  • 100-240V, 47-60Hz, 0.85-2.3Amps

  • Connectivity

  • Wifi, USB, Ethernet


  • Weight

  • 21.5kg (47.5lb)

  • Dimensions

  • 20.25 x 16 x 15.9 in


  • One year warranty