Premium Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing is a key component of eco-friendly 3d printing.  By eliminating failed prints due to poor filament quality, we can reduce material waste as well as save the energy needed to run the 3d printer itself.

3D Printlife’s filaments are made in the USA with the highest quality materials and extrusion processes available at our medical grade extrusion facility.  They are extruded using a specially designed extruder screw that is designed to promote mixing while minimizing shear and degradation of the polymer. The extrusion process is carefully controlled to promote six sigma dimensional stability of the filaments. Leading to consistent printing and the elimination of clogged print heads.


Every spool of 3D Printlife filament is measured to ensure that it is within the strictest standards for quality, diameter, and ovality. The extrusion process is continuously monitored with twin axis lasers that measure the consistency of the diameter and roundness of the filaments. This six sigma level quality enables our customers to print with confidence that each inch of filament will generate the same amount of support, shell, or infill as the last.

3D Printlife uses high quality 100% virgin resins and colorants in filament manufacturing. Materials are dried to remove moisture under our internal specifications. Excessive moisture in the filaments during extrusion can damage the polymer resulting in weaker polymer chains that lead to brittle filaments that can snap as they unwind from the spool or result in excessive nozzle drool.

Color consistency is a key also component of filament quality.  We strictly adhere to all colorant manufacturer's specs to ensure that our colors stay true from one production run to the next.

Each spool of 3D Printlife filament is carefully wound to exacting standardsminimizing cross overs and loopbacks that can lead to snags and snaps. The filament clings tightly to the spool until it is paid off the spool, making it easy to feed into the printer reducing failed prints. We reject any spool that does not meet our exacting quality standards.

3D Printlife filaments maintain a Dimensional Accuracy < +/- 0.03mm