3DPrinterOS Educational License


3DPrinterOS Educational License

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3DPrinterOS 3d printer management software for education is fast to deploy and uniquely easy-to-use. Say goodbye to complicated machine specific workflows and excel sheets for queue management!

With this complete end-to-end platform for 3d printing your school can manage your entire network of users and files, fix, securely store and stream designs to 3d printers from a single interface. This license gives Admins immediate access to powerful data tracking and reporting tools to analyze, monitor and audit every part of the additive manufacturing process. 

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Main Features:

 SSO compatible and has passed independent security checks

 Use reports to bill users, analyze trends and save money and time

 Smart queuing makes locating and printing on open machines easy

 Workgroup codes make it simple to cluster, network and distribute access to your 3d printers. Whether you have 1 users or 1000+, you can easily create workgroup codes with print or queuing permissions to specific groups network wide

 Create additional admins for your network who can monitor and control access

 Admins can see full audit trail of all file details from portal and restart prints with a single click

 Communicate with students in real-time with our in-app messenger

 Unify workflows for all printers, staff and students with a single platform

 Make printing easy with powerful visualization and editing tools for every stage of the iteration process

 Unlimited secure storage for files and projects

 Premium applications including “Virtual Factory” for managing workflows for industrial 3d printers, laser cutters and CNC machines

 HD streaming of prints from any web-enabled device makes monitoring jobs a breeze. Automatically receive timelapse videos for completed prints

 Access and control of 3D Printers and job queues from anytime, anywhere and from any device

 Also includes slicing for most popular FFF 3D printers available on the market

Tech Specs:

Supports Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Linux

Works with existing 3D printer firmware

Powered by Amazon AWS

Cloud Slicing of +100Mb files

Growing List of Printers Supported for Slicing:

Ultimaker 1, 2, Go, Extended

Makerbot Replicator 1, Replicator 2, Replicator 2X

Printrbot Jr, Simple, Simple Plus Metal, Plus 1412, Plus 1504

RepRap 3D printers such as R epRapPro, Mendel, Ormerod, Prusa, etc.

Leapfrog Creatr, Creatr HS

Felix 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

BQ Witbox, Prusa i3

Wanhao Duplicator 3,4

Massportal Pharaoh ED

Marlin Printers including LulzBot Taz 5

Airwolf 3D XL Rapide Lite 200

Mbot GridII+


Live Phone and In-Platform SupportCommunity available here: h ttp://forum.3dprinteros.com/