How Do We Compare?

3D Matter Filament Comparison

3D Matter is a material specialist bringing 3D printing users closer to material science.  They conduct research on 3D printed materials, measuring their mechanical performance, visual quality, and processability.  This extensive data was collected using OptiMatter, 3D Matter's optimization tool that helps users analyze the best choice of material type, material supplier, and printing parameters for their specific applications.

Unlike every other ABS on the market,  Enviro ABS has been specially formulated to be consumed by bacteria once it enters a landfill to energy facility or a commercial compost.  Here's how these popular ABS brands compared with Enviro ABS in 3D Matter's independent tests.

PLAyPHAb PLA/PHA delivers a PLA upgrade with higher UV and impact resistance that is also much less brittle than standard PLA.  Here's how these popular brands compared with PLAyPHAb in 3D Matter's independent tests.