3D Printlife is the world's leading producer of innovative and Eco-Friendly 3D Printer Filaments.  We manufacture only premium quality eco-friendly materials, all made in the USA at our medical grade extrusion facility.  We are the creators of Life Support, a global networking & tech support site for all things 3d printing, and we also carry a wide selection of 3D Printers to choose from.

Our Commitment

3D Printlife is committed to reducing the environmental impact of 3D Printing. From our groundbreaking Enviro ABS, to our Eco-Friendly spooling and environmental contributions, we strive to deliver our customers premium quality filaments, while protecting the world we share.  

Innovative Filaments

3D Printlife delivers innovative eco-friendly & biodegradable materials to our customers. Whether they are enhanced versions of standard materials like Enviro and PLAyPHAb, or new and unique materials like our upcoming biodegradable flexible and ultra high strength filaments; all are professional grade and environmentally friendly.

Enviro Eco-Friendly ABS

Bio enhanced ABS that can degrade in a commercial compost or active landfill.

I have printed multiple models with Enviro ABS and have been very happy with the quality and finish of the parts. It has behaved exactly like all of our other ABS.
— Matt Brauer, Caterpillar Research

We are continually researching new materials while working to improve existing materials used in 3d printing to make them more environmentally friendly and improve their performance.


PLA combined with PHA to increase strength, pliability, and shelf life.

PLAyPHAb Spool WTFFF.jpg
We switched to PLAyPHAb for its consistency, flow rate, and because its shelf life is 10 times greater than standard PLA.
— Trevor Williams, Yale University

Individualized Customer Service

With over 30 years of experience in the consumables and imaging technology industries, BSC enables 3D Printlife to provide expert individualized account based service to each and every one of our customers.  Whether we're servicing businesses, universities, libraries, maker spaces, or consumers, this partnership ensures that our customers will receive exceptional personalized service and support.  Through BSC customers are even able order on terms versus paying solely by credit card.


BSC Supply in Waltham, Massachusetts is 3D Printlife's Premier US Reseller

I’m really glad you reached out to us and recommended PLAyPHAb, we’re absolutely thrilled with the quality. Thanks for all the time and attention you give us. I greatly value the personal rapport you offer, and I’m extremely satisfied as a customer.
— Joel Cilli, PA Cyber

Premium Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing is a key component of eco-friendly 3d printing.  By eliminating failed prints due to poor filament quality, we can reduce material waste as well as save the energy needed to run the 3d printer itself.

3D Printlife’s filaments are made in the USA with the highest quality materials and extrusion processes available at our medical grade extrusion facility.  They are extruded using a specially designed extruder screw that is designed to promote mixing while minimizing shear and degradation of the polymer. The extrusion process is carefully controlled to promote six sigma dimensional stability of the filaments. Leading to consistent printing and the elimination of clogged print heads.

Every spool of 3D Printlife filament is measured to ensure that it is within the strictest standards for quality, diameter, and ovality. The extrusion process is continuously monitored with twin axis lasers that measure the consistency of the diameter and roundness of the filaments. This six sigma level quality enables our customers to print with confidence that each inch of filament will generate the same amount of support, shell, or infill as the last.

3D Printlife uses high quality 100% virgin resins and colorants in filament manufacturing. Materials are dried to remove moisture under our internal specifications. Excessive moisture in the filaments during extrusion can damage the polymer resulting in weaker polymer chains that lead to brittle filaments that can snap as they unwind from the spool or result in excessive nozzle drool.

Each spool of 3D Printlife filament is carefully wound to exacting standards minimizing cross overs and loopbacks that can lead to snags and snaps. The filament clings tightly to the spool until it is paid off the spool, making it easy to feed into the printer reducing failed prints. We reject any spool that does not meet our exacting quality standards.

3D Printlife filaments maintain a Dimensional Accuracy < +/- 0.03mm

Eco-Friendly Packaging


The 3D Printlife eco-spool is a green alternative to the common industry standard plastic spool.  All of our filaments are wound onto a heavy recycled cardboard spool that is biodegradable and bound with a recyclable tin end cap. In fact the entire spool can be disassembled and tossed right in your recycling bin! The spool includes both a cut-out for viewing filament and dual puncture slots to secure filament when not in use. The flange can even rotate to in either direction to aid in securing the filament wherever it has been cut.  Every spool also comes with a resealable bag and desiccant to help extend the life of the filament once opened.

Medical & Engineering Grade

3D Printlife is moving to become a viable US resource for medical & engineering grade materials to meet the growing demands of our customers, as well as the printer manufacturers we represent.

As high temperature FDM printers become more prevalent and accessible, 3D Printlife’s expert team strives to deliver the same premium quality our customers have come to expect and rely on from our eco-friendly materials. 

Wide Selection of 3D Printers


We carry a wide selection of the best 3D printers in the industry to ensure you receive an out-of-the-box, reliable and durable printer that produces amazing prints.  3D Printlife is brand agnostic and will work to help you find the ideal 3D Printer for you.

Environmental Contribution


To further reduce the environmental impact of 3d printing, 3D Printlife donates a portion of the proceeds from every spool sold to an environmental charity to plant a tree. One spool equals one tree, rejuvenating iconic forests in key locations throughout the United States.


Life Support is a global tech support network for all things 3d printing. Life Support connects end users with 3d printing experts in their area that can provide phone, online, and even on-site technical support.  Browse our directory for free to find an expert near you.

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